Welcome to the Journey that is Jun

 I would love to introduce you to the little known, yet soon to be much loved JUN.

Known as the Champagne of Kombucha. Jun is the sister that has remained out of the limelight until now. 

She is some what Cinderella-ish in appearance and perhaps even her story. Hesitant perhaps to step into the limelight she is subtle in taste and temperament and does her very best work quietly, in silence, amongst the calm that she is renowned for creating within you.

She is light with a soft bubble and full of every bit of the goodness that is the fermented bacteria you have come to read about and love. 


 Jun tea is shielded behind a veil of secrecy, myth, mysticism and mystery.  For many brewers, Jun tea is more than a probiotic tonic of green tea and honey; rather, it’s an ancient spiritual elixir.  Some brewers - like myself - take their Jun tea so seriously that we play music to it, meditating and Om’ing with it as it brews (yes I do!)

The often repeated legend of Jun cites its origins as the Himalayas, where it is brewed by monks and spiritual warrior nomads who roam the high grasslands of Tibet.  On pilgrimage they would carry the Jun as nutrition and sustenance and offer it to those they passed by.

This was not just a drink, this was a part of their way of being and their pilgrimage to the heart and soul of their own inner journey….

And the stories are repeated, and repeated, and Jun continues to be a secret creation, enveloped in mystery and mysticism.

While stories about the sacred elixir of Jun are handed from person to person, there’s little concrete and verifiable information about the history or origins of Jun tea. Such is its mystery. Despite continued research little has been found about Jun that really cements its origins, yet it remains a silent whisper amongst those who hide its meaning. Its truth remains unknown. I am preferring to stick with the mystery of its origins and the mythos of its healing properties for I have come to know all of its beauty and prowess.


At the very essence of Jun is not just the drink, not just the health, not just the healing, but the Pilgrimage to the soul.

And that is where I am taking you. That is the truth of Jun. The journey that is that very same walk the monks did.

I imagine their time in silence as they wandered lustfully towards each monastery to encourage their own depth of knowledge. The journey that would open their hearts as they welcomed every one who passed them by and they shared wisdom and their Jun.

The journey that was full of connection to each other - to the Earth to Life.

The magic that is this Elixir is not just in its gut healing bacteria, it is in its creation.

It is in the raison d’être. Its reason for becoming.

It is in the clarity with each sip

The connection as you sit and laugh and unite

It is in the silence and the higher consciousness that opens within you.

I create this Jun today as a means to bringing about the journey.

To continue the mystery and the mysticism that it holds not just in its beverage but in its possibility.

The possibility of connection. the joy that we share when we are together and talking and having conversations that are full of meaning and memory.

I want to take you on the journey that IS Jun. To it's mystery and to its Pilgrimage to the Soul


Strangely as a child I collected Tea. That shoe box under the bed was full to the brim of all the flavours and types of tea that I could get my hands on.  Tea has always been a part of me.

How strange when one so young loves tea? Not really when you consider my very spiritual journey and the lives I have encountered to this day. Tea is at my side writing, creating or giving counsel.

On a recent expansion of my own business and career, I wanted the Art of Brewing and Fermenting to be a part of this.  I was researching so many blends and types and styles of brewing and came across the story of Jun. Instantly I was drawn to it- it was like meeting an old friend again, and I was still in love.  A health conscious, high conscious, naturalist, herbalist for years this Tea was me in a cup! I started reading more and more - and then as with all journey’s, I just began.

What has evolved is this delicious beginning to revealing all of me. A me that not only uses organic Green Tea, but combining that with the syrup from the Maple Tree rather than the traditional Honey to make my own unique creation.

My Jun- is not JUST a tea - nor JUST the fermented champagne of Kombucha - it IS a very spiritual moment to add to your day. It is healing, calming, soothing, serene, complete and mysterious.

Not as robust as her big sister Kombucha - Jun is a fine energy that simply sits within you. Like me.