Welcome to of the gods

 “being or becoming an intrinsic part of the universe, designed by giants to defy beliefs and become - we are here to reconnect, we are of the gods" 

I am going to be honest right from the start - if I am to make this clear and choose one word that underlies every reason for you to be here - it is DISCONNECT.

If I am going to choose three words that best help to define what YOU WILL find here it is 


And to be even clearer - you are right now - needing to find a way to gain greater 

REALISATION and RECONNECTION to make your JOURNEY more fulfilling.

Within these pages you will find all you need to start the journey to recover your life, the medicine needed to heal it, and the guidance required to step further into your spiritual development.

The fact that you have felt such disconnect from your life - from yourself - from your truth - your relationships - even to the rest of the world - sees you stumble to this page and go YES! I want to really make changes - BE the change - in order for me to reconnect to my Life!




People all over the world are experiencing a change in thinking, in feeling and in how we understand and view the universe around us.

This is a special moment, but for many, it is a moment that pushes us to see and know ourselves in a new way, a moment that exposes wounds, reveals gifts and encourages a higher consciousness.

We are seeking to connect at a greater level. We are seeking to fulfil our purpose and become.

If you have felt even the slightest twinkling of this, please know that you are not alone and you do not have to work through this personal, human and spiritual growth on your own.

Through online tools and one on one guidance, of the gods will guide you through the cycle that is of Life. It brings to you the three key steps in order to reach your greatest potential.

Personal Growth

(the realisation of all that we are)

Human Development 

(the reconnection to all that we are)

Spiritual Advancement 

(the journey as all that we are)


In this, we find lessons, wisdom, truth, teachings and healings to bring our self and life to our greatest becoming, to our greatest connection and to our greatest fulfilment.

 You will find within these pages all the steps that you will need to take in order for you to continue your journey to self - for you to connect to Life more fully and for you to expand in spirit.

Your Beginning, The Journey and The Medicine will each bring you to greater understanding and your next steps!

There has never been a more important time - for all of us - to be challenged with all of our becoming.